GlitterEyes is a new UK brand making an impact on the beauty industry right now! Our range of products is expanding fast, but our main 3 product categories are; GlitterEyes Kits, PressedGlitters and XtraSparkles Pots, which is our luxury loose glitter. We now have over 30 shades, with additional shades being added every month.

We aim to bring you the best and most varied range of beautiful cosmetic glitter available and at great prices too.

GlitterEyes Kits: Apply over eyeshadow for a dramatic effect or over bare lids for a more subtle effect. Available in beautiful unique shades made exclusively for us including a sparkling pink nude, chocolate mocha colour and a gorgeous gunmetal! The kit Includes a lightweight water based fixative gel that is so gentle on the eye area, even contact lens wearers and those with very sensitive eyes can use it. It also comes with your chosen shade of sparkles which is a super high quality cosmetic grade luxury glitter dust. You also get the brushes so that you can apply and finish the look perfectly.

Our PressedGlitters are THE new hot product taking the beauty industry by storm and are currently in high demand. Our cosmetic formulators handmake all our pressed glitters in house within the GlitterEyes lab and use the best quality ingredients to bring you the best pressed glitter on the market today.

Our Ethos

Our company philosophy is simple: to give our customers and trade stockists an outstanding product that does what it says it will, is value for money, is versatile and has the ability to be used in a variety of ways and most important of all makes our customers feel beautiful!

So, what is GlitterEyes?

GlitterEyes is a cute cosmetic glitter kit containing everything you need to create the perfect glitter makeup for the eyes. There are 15 unique and glamorous glitter shades available, with more being added as limited editions. The kit comes encased in a glossy white box with striking artwork designed to catch the eye and capture the essence of the brand.

Our brand aim is to provide a glitter product that is more sophisticated than any others currently available on the market.


What’s in the Kit?

There are four main parts to the kit: An adhesive gel, 2 brushes/applicators and a pot of sparkles. Our glitter fix gel is water based and will not irritate the eyes, it is ultra-long lasting, will not flake but is also easily removable with regular makeup remover or wipes. The glitter that is included in each kit is the highest grade cosmetic glitter and is manufactured and tested to EU standards and regulations. Cosmetic glitter is made from plastic particles, more finely milled and cut into a circular shape, helping reduce the risk of scratching. Whereas regular craft glitter (which should not be used on the face) is usually cut into hexagonal shapes using a metal such as aluminium. Our glitter applicators that also come within the kit are high-quality fine hair brushes that enable the user to create a variety of different finishes on the eyelid, we also include a duster brush for polishing off your look.

The Trick with Application

So, we all know that glitter application can be a very messy business.  Which is why we have come up with a foolproof application method to ensure your glitter makeup is flawless.  The trick is to mix our special adhesive gel with the glitter so they ‘marry up’ on your applicator to create the perfect glitter gel consistency.  This will then give you complete control when applying and cause much less fallout.  If there is a tiny bit of fallout on the face just use a bit of tape to pick up from the skin or use the duster brush provided.  There are lots of other tips and tricks posted to all our social media sites regularly.

Our Ultimate Mission

Our mission is to take glitter makeup to another level into a more fashion-forward arena while still keeping it fun and user-friendly. We aim to do this by having our shades made up exclusively for us and enabling our customers to purchase rare glitter colours such as soft coffee browns, muted gunmetal greys, and elegant nudes. We also provide our customers with informative application tutorials and keeping up to date on all the big makeup and colour trends.


Who’s it for?

Basically, anyone over the age of 3! Our glitter is non-toxic and has no sharp edges so can be used safely by children and adults alike.

Perfect for many occasions, such as, hen nights, parties, weddings, holidays, festivals, clubbing etc. and a great product for theatre groups, dance troops, cheerleading, performers, and makeup artists. GlitterEyes is an innovative and versatile beauty item that we think will look stunning on any retailer’s shelf and any customer’s dressing table/makeup kit.

We have big hopes for the brand and exciting expansion plans include a new range of glitter shades, additional applicators to enable the user to create more looks and other glitter products including mascara and eyeliner.

All of our new GlitterEyes eye images that are being added to the website are credit to Sana Majeed and Claire Sandall, professional makeup artists. Claire is the owner of Champagne Whisper makeup and bridal makeup services.  Visit her website to contact her or see her other fabulous makeup art works.  All images belong to Claire and Sana and should not be used without their consent.

We hope that you will join us and become one of the #Glitterati!

Carrie xx

Founder, GlitterEyes.