Sadly, animal testing is the cause of thousands of animals suffering around the world year after year. At GlitterEyes, we don’t believe in animal testing, which is why every single one of our products is completely cruelty-free. We track and regularly check the entire process of the creation of our products, from the first sparkle of glitter through to the solution and the packaging – so we know each and every aspect of GlitterEyes is ethical and kind to animals. Being animal lovers ourselves – we have a true love for animals and care passionately about this cause.

You can use your consumer power to make compassionate choices about the cosmetics you buy, a fantastic way to show your opposition to animal testing.

How is GlitterEyes tested?

If you’re wondering how we test our products, the answer is… the GlitterGirls! GlitterEyes Founder, Carrie and Production Manager/Customer Services Advisor, Lizzi, love all things glitter! We, along with our GlitterGirls test all the GlitterEyes products and are generally covered in the stuff most of the time (not to mention our pets, other halves and homes too!). Not only do we both play a part in making the product, we wear GlitterEyes daily, even our children love the stuff and it is perfect to use alongside face paints at children’s parties.