The health and safety of our customers

is our number one priority when it comes to sourcing, testing and retailing the products we have, so we provide all of the relevant information below to provide our customers and potential customers with the knowledge to choose for themselves if the product is for them or not and use at their own discretion.  We try to be as transparent as we can as a brand so you can be assured that you are told the absolute truth surrounding cosmetic glitter safety, and then decide for yourself whether this is a product you would like to use.


Is Glitter Safe to use around the eye area?

As it stands the FDA currently do not officially approve cosmetic glitter to be safe to use specifically on eyes and lips. They recommend cosmetic glitter for general ‘face and body use’.  BUT we all know that glitter IS used directly on and around both those areas to create beautiful shimmery effects every day by makeup artists, body paint artists, beauty salons, dance and theatre companies, television & film studios, and the general public all around the world and has been for years ( remember the dazzling 70’s anyone?! ).

That being said Our glitter is non toxic, EN7-1 approved and tested to EU cosmetic law manufacturers safety standards (1223/2009) which means it is officially safe to use on the skin. Our Glitter ares polyester based, made of rounded particles and soften when applied to the skin which makes them ideal for cosmetic applications.

We advise that you use around the eye area at your own discretion.  In our opinion ( and this our opinion only based on 24 months rigourous product testing on human volunteers ) glitter is perfectly fine to use around the eyes to enhance those features.  You can completely make your own mind up of course and choose to use the product or not.


What’s the difference between Cosmetic and Craft Glitters?

Craft glitters and other non eye safe glitters are made of sharp plastic and/or metal which can harm your eyes. The sharp glitter pigments used in craft and other non eye safe glitters may also be coloured with toxic dyes that could potentially leak into the skin and eyes causing irritation and other complications – the dyes could also react with the fixative used and cause a reaction this way so please PLEASE make sure you use a cosmetic glitter around your eye area.
On the other hand cosmetic grade glitters that have been EN7-1 approved for use on the skin are made of polyester which softens on application, are cut rounded and not pointed like the cheap glitters and they will have been coloured using non toxic dyes.

PLEASE take care of your eyes, you don’t have a spare pair, and wasting them on cheap toxic sharp metal glitters is so unnecessary.

At GlitterEyes we advise you to use glitter at your own discretion – Glitter has been used safely to enhance the eye & other facial features for years by the fashion industry, makeup artists and the general public, so we think ( although nothing is 100% guaranteed in this life! ), if used sensibly you wont have any problems. I, personally as chief developer and tester! have used it around my eye while testing this product myself and on friends for the past couple of years (almost daily! ) and have not experienced any irritation or scratching. We think its a common sense thing, reduce the chance of any irritation by applying correctly, using the ‘mixing first’ method we suggest and do not apply to the actual water line and you will be fine.

Our glitter suppliers recommend our cosmetic glitter to anyone over the age of 3 so inherently it is a very safe product to use, but we do stress that use is at your own risk and to use your own common sense when applying , that is, if you dont feel safe or confident applying glitter to the eyes and lips then use to highlight and beautify other areas.

What is in your glitters? What type of cosmetic glitter do you use and is it tested to official regulations?

The general composition for our cosmetic glitters are as follows:

Cosmetic Glitter consists of precision cut highly reflective particles of vacuum metallised polyester film.
It satisfies the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 for Cosmetics.

Polyethylene Terephthalate 90%
Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer max 10% or Binder – Polyurethane 33
Aluminium max 0.5%
The colouring agents/pigments used in our cosmetic glitters comply with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 for Cosmetics.  All colouring agents used are suitable for cosmetic products and designed to come into contact briefly with the skin.

Order Processing and Order Status

If you have ordered pressed items these can take around 7 working days to hand prepare buy our in house cosmetic forulators, this is also stated when you go through the order process just before you pay for your items.

Non pressed items will usually only take a day or to to despatch from our warehouse.

Please note that Completed means that we have received the order and it is being prepared at the moment, it doesn’t mean that it has been sent out as we normally change orders to completed within 24 hours of the order being placed.


We do not send out Dispatch emails at this time, but this will be a feature soon.

Shipping and Deliveries

UK shipping will normally take approximately 3-4 business days.  We use Royal Mail 2nd class shipping for non courier/express shipping selected items.

International Standard Shipping.  Please note we do not track orders that have a value of £30.00 or less.  International Standard Shipping by Royal Mail can take up to 20 business days to arrive, it rarely takes this long but you need to be aware when ordering that your items could take this long to be recieved by you.   If the items you have ordered are pressed you need to add on the 7 business days it will take to prepare your glitters.  We have found that on average international shipping will take approxiamately 10 business days.

International Recorded Shipping

We track and record all orders that have a value of £25.00 and over.  Again, these can take up to 20 business days to arrive with you although it has been noted that most packages arrive with customers well within this time scale.

We do not send out Dispatch emails at this time, but this will be a feature soon.


Returns for damaged items will of course be considered.  We will need to see photographic evidence of the damaged items for refund consideration.


Our Glitter Shade Classifications

Solid Metallic Shades are a single pigment glitter, no rainbow or holographic effects, they provide a beautiful one colour shimmer.

Holographic Shades are multi colour reflective that provide a beautiful rainbow colour shift on movement, adding a sparkling rainbow halo effect over the base tone of the glitter.

Irridescent shades are more subtle than holographics, more of a shimmer, sometimes duo tone in effect, adding a beautiful light twinkle effect to the base tone of the glitter.


 13077020_10153455980302120_3668302088907647229_n 13092175_10153455980372120_1704273672168789318_n 13096097_10153455980257120_5911111566256978430_n 13102687_10153455980197120_9171537946503852150_n 13103338_10153455980212120_3074936893653220315_n shades