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New Stockists on Board

Posted on October 29 2015

New Stockists on Board
  logo301x15411951307_1685025801729211_1825271847510715642_n   We are very proud to announce our latest official stockists Candies Nails based in Lancashire and Rebecca Ryther Makeup based in Essex! Candie specializes in fully sculptured acrylic nails, gel polish, nail art and threading....and has over 10 yrs experience  in the beauty biz! Here are a few images from Candies Facebook page using some of our products.. GlitterEyes in Shimmering Sand by Candies Nails   GlitterEyes in Shimmering Sand by Candies Nails GlitterEyes by Candies Nails in Silver Sparkle   Hop onto Rebecca Ryther's webiste to check out their range of products (including ours!) They also have a selection of amazing Daniel Sandler products which we love! Check them out! The shop is owned by Rebecca Ryther, a professionally trained makeup artist with many years' freelance experience in the fashion, beauty, editorial, commercial, catwalk and bridal industries. Rebecca brings her industry experience to this independent make-up shop which retails luxury, high-end cosmetics from niche, professional brands together with a ‘makeup bar’ where you can have your makeup done for any special occasion, or purely as a treat to yourself! The makeup bar also offers relaxed and informative make-up lessons, tailored to your individual requirements.  Please enquire for further details or read the general information on the make-up lessons page, you will also find pricing information on the makeup bar menu.   We look forward to continuing a sparkling relationship with these two fabulous companies and wish them well on their journey with GlitterEyes products.  


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